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Russian classes for businesses

At Ziggurat we help you improve your company’s business opportunities with Russian language courses tailored to your needs. With our pedagogical system we will improve the linguistic skills of your team so that they can apply what they have learnt in their daily work. Trust our methods and keep growing!

We create a personalised Russian learning plan for your company

Do you want to raise the level of your team? At Ziggurat we create a personalised academic plan for each company, adapting to the level and profile of the employees, their objectives and the needs of your business.

  • We make an initial diagnosis that allows us to plan tailor-made Russian courses for you.
  • We design the most appropriate training course to achieve your company’s objectives.
  • In our Russian classes, we teach content that has been adapted to your needs, using a practical and dynamic approach.
  • Our teachers are qualified native speakers with extensive experience providing Russian language training for businesses.
  • We monitor your team’s progress to ensure that objectives are being met.

With more than two decades dedicated to language teaching for businesses, at Ziggurat we always strive for excellence and offer the best results to those who place their trust in our pedagogical system.

Choose your preferred method for Russian classes for your company

We know that each company has its own unique characteristics. That's why our Russian language courses are adapted to all needs. You can choose the type of course that suits you best, whether it is face-to-face or virtual.

Virtual and telephone Russian classes for businesses

To avoid travelling, we offer virtual Russian classes (minimum of one hour) and telephone classes (minimum of 30 minutes), all with a clear structure, so that your team can perfect their communication skills in this language.

Face to face Russian courses for businesses

We have different options for face-to-face Russian courses (in-company training): continuous training, intensive courses and business seminars. Your team will have access to the activities proposed by the teachers in our Virtual Campus. And the person in charge of the training will be able to check attendance and other details of the course.

Subsidise your Russian courses for businesses with Ziggurat

Make the most of our Russian courses! With Ziggurat you can subsidise your Russian classes for businesses through FUNDAE.

  • We inform you about the available subsidies.
  • We help you manage your credits.
  • We advise you on the benefits your company can access based on the number of employees.
  • We coordinate your tailor-made training plan.

You have all the means at your disposal to take advantage of our Russian language courses.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn Russian for businesses?


There are different factors that determine the time each team needs to learn a language:

  • Their starting level
  • The degree of commitment
  • The relevance of the contents for each employee

For this reason, we agree on the training plan and the objectives of your team in order to make an estimate of the time it will take to acquire the desired professional skills. How do we do this?

  • With an initial level assessment so we can adjust to your objectives.
  • By designing a plan of Russian classes, adapted to the contents, professional profile of your team and the sector of activity of your company.

The duration of our Russian courses is modified to fit the needs of your team. You have the option of choosing the start and end dates of the course, as well as the class timetables.

What timetables are available for the Russian classes for businesses?


Ziggurat's training method is flexible in order to adapt to the needs of each company. This means that you can opt for times that suit you best.

Most classes are held between 08:00 and 21:00 from Monday to Friday. You can choose your own timetable and the start and end dates of your Russian language course.

How is the progress of the participants evaluated in the Russian for business classes?


At Ziggurat, we agree on objectives with your company in order to develop your team's professional language skills so that they can apply what they have learnt in their daily work. Therefore, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of these goals, we evaluate the performance of your team and carry out continuous monitoring. This is done through the teaching staff, surveys and the coach we assign to you.