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English classes for companies

Invest in Ziggurat’s English lessons for businesses to improve the professional skills of your team and take it to the next level!

We create your customised English plan for businesses

Thanks to our thorough initial diagnosis, we design English courses for businesses adapted to the level and profile of your employees. We also create a personalised lesson plan taking into account their needs.

We have been teaching languages in businesses from all sectors for more than two decades, with native teachers, dynamic lessons, and personalised content, so that employees can apply what they have learned in the workplace.

Choose your preferred method for the English lessons for businesses

Our English lessons for businesses are flexible and they adapt to the needs of your teams

Virtual English lessons for business

We offer live group or one-to-one lessons via Zoom, so that your team can connect from any place and device, and your business saves on travel costs. Lessons last a minimum of an hour, with the same pedagogical value as face-to-face English lessons.

Online English courses for businesses

We have both online general English and professional English courses (English for Work or Business English), as well as Spanish courses for foreigners. All of them include telephone tutored speaking activities. Licences can be of 3, 6, and 12 months.

Face-to-face English lessons for businesses

Set up face-to-face lessons with native teachers in your business, both in groups and one-to-one, depending on your needs. These lessons last a minimum of an hour and a half.

We travel to your business to provide quality English classes for your team

We have a pedagogical system to offer you the customised English training you need for your business. Our clients value our proximity and adaptability
We work with businesses in Barcelona with completely personalised content, which adapts to all the profiles within the organisation: management, middle management, sales, etc. We have more than 20 years of experience behind us.
If your business is located in Madrid, our teachers can go to your offices to give face-to-face English lessons.You can trust our team and be confident about getting the results you desire; we have worked with more than 500 business from all sectors over more than two decades.
We can go to your facilities in Valencia to give English lessons for businesses, so that your team can improve its level efficiently, with content adapted to the business.

Subsidise your English courses for businesses with Ziggurat

The Ziggurat administrative team is specialised in in-company training, so it can help you coordinate all the training plans, including the management of the subsidies.

All businesses have an annual credit available for subsidised English lessons, depending on the number of employees. We help you to manage these credits so that your business can benefit from all the advantages of learning languages, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Find out more about the subsidies your business can benefit from to improve the English level of your team.


Why invest in an English language course for my company?


Investing in English lessons for businesses will allow you to grow because:

  • It will improve communication with your international clients
  • It will facilitate negotiations with your foreign partners
  • It will add more value to your business because it will improve its image
  • It will increase your business opportunities
  • It will allow you to offer a better service to your clients
  • It will attract and retain talent

How long are Ziggurat's in-company English courses?


  • Many of your clients choose when to start and when to finish the training, as well as the timetables.
  • Many of our clients chose us to give continuous language training between September and July, but the duration of the English courses for businesses can vary depending on the needs of each business.
  • We programme each English plan in a personalised way, agreeing on the aims and content to be covered.

Is there a personalised follow-up in English courses for companies?


  • At Ziggurat we take into account the achievement of the pedagogical aims established at the beginning of the training.
  • For greater transparency, we have a Virtual Campus that allows students, and those responsible for the training, to access all the details of the course.
  • We also offer attendance reports, continuous evaluation, and satisfaction surveys.
  • In addition, each person is assigned a coach, who contacts them several times during the training, to monitor their progress and find out if the student’s expectations are being met.

What skills will your team gain from a business English course?


With Ziggurat’s English lessons for businesses, you will be able to improve your team’s skills to make your business more competitive. You will:

  • Lose the fear of speaking English
  • Communicate with more fluency
  • Communicate more clearly and concisely in writing
  • Start formal and informal conversations necessary for businesses
  • Convey more confidence and professionalism to partners and clients