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Chinese lessons for businesses

With Ziggurat’s customised plan of Chinese lessons for businesses, you will improve your team’s skills and open the door to new opportunities for your business. It is time to go to the next level!

We design your customised Chinese programme for businesses

We design your customised plan of Chinese lessons for business, adapting to the level and profile of your team and setting a target according to your needs. Our method is based on:

  • An initial diagnosis.
  • Native, qualified, and experienced teachers.
  • Dynamic Chinese lessons, 100% communicative.
  • Customised content.

At Ziggurat we have been teaching languages for two decades in businesses from all sectors and what we have learned can be applied.

Choose your preferred modality for Chinese lessons for businesses

At Ziggurat you can choose the pedagogical modality that best adapts to the needs of your business and team.

Virtual or telephone Chinese lessons for businesses

We offer virtual and telephone Chinese courses for businesses. Virtual lessons last a minimum of an hour (telephone lessons last a minimum of 30 minutes) and they are designed for your team to improve their communication skills in this language.

Face-to-face Chinese lessons for businesses

We give face-to-face Chinese lessons for businesses: from intensive courses and business seminars to continuous training. Your team will have access to a Virtual Campus, where they will find the activities proposed by teachers each week.

Subsidised Chinese courses with Ziggurat

All the language training that we offer at Ziggurat can be subsidised through FUNDAE. This will allow you to boost your business with our Chinese lessons for businesses, at a reduced cost.

  • Your team will be able to engage in formal and informal conversations in Chinese.
  • Their written communications in Chinese will be clearer and more effective.
  • You will attract and retain talent with quality language training that promotes professional development.
  • Your business’ image will improve, transmitting greater confidence to partners and clients.

We help you with all the steps to subsidise your Chinese training for businesses, improving your company’s opportunities!


What are the benefits of learning Chinese for businesses?


 Learning this language can be very beneficial for your business:

  • Mastering the language will allow you to access one of the largest markets in the world, as it will facilitate your business relationships and the expansion of your company.
  • You will improve relationships and negotiations with your Chinese partners, as communication will be more effective.
  • Your team will better understand Chinese culture and will be able to avoid misunderstandings in business relationships. 

In short, your business will be more competitive internationally and will improve its position in your sector, opening new doors to business and collaboration opportunities.

How is the progress of Chinese lessons for business students evaluated?


At Ziggurat we are firmly committed to meeting our clients' expectations. For this reason, to evaluate your team's progress in our lessons:

  • We offer attendance reports.
  • We use continuous evaluation and analyze the students progress with tests or exams.
  • We conduct satisfaction surveys
  • Teachers and coaches follow up to make sure that expectations are being met and progress is being made.

In addition, both the students and the people responsible for the training can access our Virtual Campus to find out all the details related to the Chinese lessons being done in their company (attendance, progress reports, etc.)

At Ziggurat we measure the fulfilment of the objectives set at the beginning of the training.

Is it possible to customise the Chinese lessons for businesses according to your needs?


One of the cornerstones of our Chinese lessons for businesses is customisation. We design a personalised training for your team:

  • We do an initial diagnosis to find out the level of each person.
  • We design a customised lesson plan based on their level and professional profile.
  • We teach Chinese to businesses from all sectors, with content applicable to the workplace.
  • We offer different pedagogical modalities adapted to your needs.
  • We provide personalised follow-up training.

The level of personalisation of our Chinese lessons for companies is maximum. Explain your case to us and we will find the best solution for your business!