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Catalan classes for businesses

You already know the importance of maintaining effective communication with customers, suppliers and business partners. And, if your company operates in Catalonia, it can be very helpful if your team masters Catalan to be able to take advantage of all the business opportunities that arise. To achieve this, at Ziggurat we offer a personalised plan of Catalan classes for businesses.

We create a personalised Catalan learning plan for your company

At Ziggurat, we know that each organisation has different needs. That’s why we provide you with a tailor-made Catalan lesson plan, with everything your team needs to take them to the next level:

  • We carry out an initial assessment so that we can plan your Catalan classes based on the level and profile of your team.
  • Our teachers are qualified and experienced Catalan natives.
  • We give dynamic and practical Catalan classes for businesses.
  • We adapt our content to your needs so that it is applicable to the day-to-day running of your business.

Our aim is that your team can get the most out of our Catalan classes for businesses, with personalised and relevant content.

Choose your preferred method for Catalan classes for your company

At Ziggurat we offer different types of Catalan classes so that you can choose the one that best suits the requirements of your organisation. You can also choose the timetable and the start and end dates of the courses.

Virtual and telephone Catalan classes for businesses

To avoid having to travel, we offer virtual Catalan classes of a minimum of one hour and telephone classes of at least 30 minutes. With a clear structure that gives priority to conversation, they will improve your team's communication skills.

Face-to-face Catalan classes for businesses

We have different options for face-to-face Catalan classes (in-company training): continuous training, business seminars and intensive courses.

The classes include pedagogical material shared by the teaching staff during the classes or through our Virtual Campus, which can be accessed freely.

Subsidise your Catalan courses for businesses with Ziggurat

With Ziggurat you can subsidise your Catalan classes for businesses through FUNDAE. We take care of everything!

  • We inform you about the available subsidies.
  • We help you manage your credits.
  • We advise you on the subsidies available to your company based on the number of people in your workforce
  • We coordinate your tailor-made training plan.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your team to improve their professional skills!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn Catalan for businesses?


Each company has different needs and each person starts at a different level. For this reason, the duration of our Catalan classes may vary.

At Ziggurat, training is planned based on your objectives, adapting and we adapt the contents to your needs. We take into account the profile of your team and the sector your company works in.


What timetables are available for the Catalan classes for businesses?


At Ziggurat we offer you flexibility so that your Catalan classes for businesses are completely tailor-made. This means you can choose class timetables based on your needs and preferences.

You can also adjust the duration of the course to the needs of your team, choosing the start and end dates of the training.

How is the progress of the participants in the Catalan classes for businesses evaluated?


After assessing your team's level, and considering the objectives of the training, we create a training plan.

Our commitment is to ensure that your team improves their level with Catalan classes for businesses, so that they can apply all the knowledge they have acquired in their day-to-day work, and that it becomes an investment for your company, rather than a “cost”.

To ensure that we meet the goals set, we continuously monitor training and evaluate the progress and performance of your team. In this way, we check that the objectives established at the beginning of the course are being met.