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German lessons for businesses

With Ziggurat’s German lessons for businesses, you will improve your team’s professional skills with customised training that will open up new opportunities for your business. Our pedagogical system is designed to take you to the next level!

We design a customised German training programme for businesses

We have been teaching languages in businesses from all sectors for two decades, with a customised academic plan based on your team’s level and profile:

  • We carry out an initial diagnosis.
  • We design a customised training for your business.
  • We set objectives according to your needs.
  • We give customised lessons in the modality you choose.
  • We monitor the progress of your team.

In order to do this, we have native, qualified, and experienced teachers. Lessons are dynamic and the content is adapted to be applied in the workplace.

Choose the modality you prefer for the German lessons for businesses

At Ziggurat you can choose the training modality you prefer. We offer you maximum flexibility to adapt to your team’s needs with our German lessons for businesses.

Virtual or telephone German lessons for businesses

Virtual lessons last a minimum of an hour (telephone lessons last a minimum of 30 minutes), and they are designed so that your team can improve their communication skills in this language. It is a training with a clear structure and continuity between lessons.

Face-to-face German lessons for businesses

We offer different options for face-to-face German lessons for businesses (in-company training): intensive courses, business seminars, and continuous training.  Students will have access to a Virtual Campus to access activities proposed by teachers after each lesson. 

Subsidise your German lessons for businesses with Ziggurat

All Ziggurat language training can be subsidised through FUNDAE. We will provide you with information about how to apply for the subsidies and we will help you to manage them so that you can benefit from our customised training in German for businesses, while saving on training costs.


Can German lessons for businesses be adapted to different levels?


At Ziggurat we offer a customised training, designed in a personalised way according to the level of your team and their professional profile.

  • We carry out an initial diagnosis to find out the level of each person.
  • We set objectives based on your needs.
  • We design a personalised academic plan to learn the language.
  • We work with personalised content in businesses from all sectors.
  • We adapt to different professional profiles.
  • We evaluate performance to see if objectives are being met.

Our German training for businesses is designed so that your team can apply everything they have learned for the benefit of your business.

What are the benefits of learning German for businesses?


Ziggurat’s German lessons for businesses can be very beneficial for your team’s professional development and the growth of your business:

  • Learning this language will facilitate the expansion of your business in the European market since it is one of the most spoken languages. 
  • Learning the language of one of the world’s major economic powers can open up new business and collaboration opportunities.

Improving communication in a language such as German will also facilitate negotiations and will improve your business’s image in the eyes of your international clients.