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ZEN Presentations

The aim of this workshop, given by Matthew Ray since 2012, is to practice techniques for giving well-organised presentations that allow you to communicate effectively with your audience. It is inspired by the book Zen Presentation by Garr Reynolds.

‘A good presenter is born or made’ Listening to a speaker who influences us, moves us and makes us think is a gift we are always grateful for. Normally, when this happens, it seems to us that the speaker is improvising, that everything is flowing normally: he is not acting, he is present at that precise moment, as if he were saying for the first time what he is explaining to us. We can all move and impact the audience if we put our minds to it and if we follow the ‘zen’ rules: moderation in the preparation, simplicity in the design and naturalness in the presentation’. Matthew Ray.

This workshop enables:

  • Organise and simplify your presentations. Less is more.
  • Create presentations with a logical and simple structure that facilitates the understanding of the information you want to communicate.
  • Adapt your presentations to each audience you present to.
  • Engage the audience from the beginning.
  • Create graphic presentations (power point, prezi…) that make an impact on the audience.
  • Modulate your voice and use pauses to emphasise key points.
  • Eliminate ‘crutches’ that hinder communication.
  • Use the body and gestures in a coherent way that encourages communication.

Business Workshops
Practical workshops of between 4 and 12 hours to take your team's communication skills to another level (Presentations, Meetings, Socialising, Negotiation, etc.).
My English Coach
A programme designed to transform limiting beliefs about learning English. Facilitated by Matthew Ray, with over 25 years of experience, it offers virtual group sessions to create an effective study plan and change attitudes to approach learning successfully.
Official exams
We are certified as a preparation centre for official Cambridge exams. And one of the most popular exams is the Linguaskill, a test with fast and accurate results. Ask us for more information.


This is a 1-hour session (face-to-face or virtual) given by Matthew Ray, director of Ziggurat, before starting any training. The aim is to explain how to learn a language in less time, as well as to provide tools and tips to overcome mental limitations and successfully tackle learning. Matthew demonstrates that if you have not been successful with languages so far, it is because you have not approached learning in the right way.