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Languages for businesses: the best investment for your teams and clients

Our language lessons for businesses will allow your team to improve their professional skills through personalised training adapted to their profile and level.

Customised language training for businesses

At Ziggurat we understand that knowing languages for businesses is essential for success

Virtual lessons

You will be able to attend live Zoom virtual classes (group or one-to-one) from any place and device. These classes last a minimum of one hour, with the same pedagogical value as face-to-face classes, with no travel costs. The one-to-one telephone classes start at 30 minutes. All of them have access to the Virtual Campus with teaching resources.

Online language courses

We have online English courses which include speaking activities tutored over the phone. You can choose between online courses in General English, Professional English (English for Work or Business English) and also online courses in Spanish for foreigners. Licences are available for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Face-to-face lessons

We offer in-company language classes for companies, which are adapted to the needs of your organisation: from continuous training and intensive courses, to business seminars for all types of sectors. In addition, our students have access to a Virtual Campus to access our teaching resources.

Discover the languages for companies that we offer you

Why choose Ziggurat as your in-company language training provider?

Here you have three reasons why you should choose Ziggurat for the language training of your business:

We started teaching languages in businesses in 2003, so you will benefit from more than two decades of experience in the field of corporate language training.


We have given more than 3,500 courses in more than 500 organisations from all sectors, always with personalised content and adapting the lessons to the specific needs of the companies and the learning objectives of their employees.


Our clients value the proximity, the professionalism of our teachers, and our commitment to meeting their expectations. You will enjoy all of this, thanks to our own pedagogical system that facilitates efficient and useful language training for companies.

Boost the growth of your organisation with subsidised language training for businesses

All the language courses for businesses taught by Ziggurat can be subsidised through FUNDAE. This will allow you to benefit from all the advantages of quality language training, while reducing your overall costs:

  • Your team will be able to have formal and informal conversations with partners and colleagues that will enhance the business opportunities of your company.
  • The written communications in other languages will be clearer and, as a result, more effective.
  • The image of the company will gain relevance since your team will convey professional confidence to international clients and partners.
  • The employees of your company will have the opportunity to develop themselves, a key aspect in attracting and building loyalty.

We accompany you in all the steps to help your team and organisation grow.

Find out the level of your employees by taking a language-level test for companies

To find out if you need our services for companies, we have:

  • English Level Test. It allows each person to discover their current English level to adapt the training to their needs and aims.
  • Language Calculator. With this unique tool, you will be able to calculate approximately how much time your team will need to reach the needed level, taking into account their initial language level.

Ziggurat’s highlyqualified teachers provide continuous support, and personalised feedback, to ensure effective progress. Besides, our language programs for businesses are designed to maximise the results of companies and strengthen their competitive advantage in the market.


Which types of language courses for businesses do we offer at Ziggurat?


At Ziggurat, language lessons for businesses are adapted to both the level and the needs of your team. We give face-to-face lessons, virtual and telephone lessons, and we also offer online courses for English and Spanish. Apart from English, we also offer French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian, Catalan, and Spanish for foreigners, with a total guarantee of quality, in any company, regardless of its location

Who are the teachers of the language courses for businesses?


Our teachers are native speakers, qualified, and have a lot of experience teaching languages in businesses. In addition, they have experienced, first-hand, the difficulties of learning a foreign language, which means they are fully committed to teaching and ensuring the students retain what they have learned. On the other hand, many of the teaching staff have previously worked in other sectors, so they can empathise with professionals from all kinds of companies.

What are the benefits of in-company language training?


In-company language training allows effective communication with international clients and partners, improves negotiation skills, expands market reach, and encourages multicultural collaboration. Besides, it strengthens the image of the company, increases global competitiveness, attracts talent, and facilitates adaptation to constantly changing international environments. Nothing but advantages!