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Our history
After a long career in the language learning and consulting industry in the US and Spain, Matthew T. Ray founded Ziggurat in 2003. Thanks to his professional experiences in Barcelona, where he has lived since 1994, he has met many people who have been studying languages for years without having reached the minimum level they want.

His commitment to helping other professionals reach the high level that he has achieved in his second languages prompted him to create a learning system based on two cornerstones: teaching to learn and making languages a part of everyday life.

Together with his partner, Olga Campoy, and the Ziggurat team, he wants languages to be seen as tools for development and companies to have the freedom to grow without barriers.

We all have the ability to learn languages and we need to take responsibility for our own learning. Having the best teacher or the latest technology at hand isn't enough to guarantee success; we need to do our own bit”. Matthew Ray.

Why work with us

Companies need a solid foundation to grow on. And in language learning it's also important to have a solid basis to make headway. Ziggurat, a massive terraced tower-like building typical of ancient Babylon, seemed like a great name for our corporate language school.

We mentor you in the language learning process, climbing levels step by step and consolidating knowledge.

This quote inspires us: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". Lao Tse.
Our raison d'être
We show how to learn languages so that companies can overcome language barriers and have the freedom to communicate across the world.
How we do it
With professionals who listen to your needs and an advanced platform designed to implement your language training plan.
What we do
Bespoke language training for companies: face-to-face, virtual, telephone, online and blended.
Responsible management
We're a multicultural company that respects the principles of equality and non-discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion or political opinions.

As members of the Factor Humà Foundation, we work in line with its manifesto, committed to conducting our everyday business in an ethical and responsible way.

We've worked with TEDxSanCugat, advising speakers on how to prepare their presentations. We've also supported vulnerable groups through the ADSIS Foundation and we've taken part in the Làbora programme. And we're pleased to publicise and raise funds for the Magic Line of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.
Our values
Integrity and trust
We're committed to training by vocation. We listen to our customers and have the skills to deliver quality solutions.
Experience and innovation
We adapt to our customers to find the most efficient solutions and help them take on language learning from a new approach.
Empathy and inclusion
We respect all the groups we work with: customers, students, employees, providers and society in general.
Commitment and competence
We keep our promises, so that everyone's expectations are fulfilled.
We're an administrative and teaching team specialised in corporate language training. Our teachers are qualified and highly experienced (average of twelve years) native speakers who work with us year after year.
Ziggurat teachers

Our teachers are native, qualified and with a long career in teaching languages in companies

They have lived in different environments and know what it's like to learn a foreign language

They form a multicultural melting pot with a mission: to teach their students how to learn and retain what they have learned

Teaching coordination
Matthew Ray
Partner and General Manager
Olga Campoy
Partner and Sales Executive
Aisling Dowd
Teacher Coordinator
Mónica Alonso
Pedagogical Administration
Mamés Cisneros
Administrative Technician
Emilia Grassi
Ruth Molloy
Jim Gardner
Some of the clients who have worked with us