16 / 07 / 2021

Hello and welcome back! Today is the last Daily Vitamin of the academic year. We are closing with an appropriate word related to travel (and to the end of our lessons): HIATUS.

Definition: a short pause in which nothing happens or nothing is said, or a space where something is missing; a break. 

Example 1: I'm taking a hiatus from social media. 

Example 2: My boss said I can take a hiatus from checking my email while I'm on vacation. 

Example 3: I took a hiatus from running. My knees were starting to hurt. 

That’s it for this year's lessons. We will be taking a HIATUS from posting for the rest of this month and August. We will be back on Monday September 13 with more lessons. 

As always, thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed practicing your English with us. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

Take care and we will see you soon!