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12 / 11 / 2019

VERBS WITH OUT: OUTDO: meaning and examples

Welcome back, everyone!

It's the second day of our verbs-with-OUT theme and today we are looking at the verb TO OUTDO

Definition: To be superior to in action or performance.

Example 1: We have a party every Christmas and everyone wears ugly sweaters. We always try to outdo ourselves each year and wear an uglier sweater than the year before. 

Example 2: You really outdid yourself!

Note how we often use this verb reflexively (examples 1 and 2) to show that one did something better than the time before. 

Example 3: She always tries to outdo her big sister. They are always fighting. 

That's all for today. Join us tomorrow, when we will have another lesson with an OUT verb.

Have a great day!

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