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Wednesday the 25th of March, 2015
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Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin! Good morning everyone!

Usually on Wordy Wednesday we look at a phrase, or a slang word, but today we are doing something different: we're looking at the word APP, and then looking at an app that will help you improve your vocabulary while reading on the internet. 

Many Spanish speakers call an app an A-P-P. In English, we call it an app. This is short for APPLICATION

Lingo is an app that you can install in your internet browser. When you are reading in English on the internet, you can click on any word and the app will show you the meaning of the word. You can save your words to a vocabulary list, and practice these words later. 

You can install the plug-in of this app in Google Chrome at the link below:

Do you use any other apps to improve your English? Tell us which ones you use on the Ziggurat Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!