Daily Vitamin: ALPHABET GAME "A"
22 / 05 / 2019

Hello Daily Vitamin readers! Are you ready for our first day of the 2019 Alphabet Game?

Remember... each day we will give you a challenge. The answer will begin with one letter of the alphabet, starting with "A" and ending with "Z" on the 28th of June.

It's day number one, so today's answer, of course, begins with the letter A. Here is your challenge. 

Sentence: In the military, we received _____ training. 

Here is a clue: this word is also a part of the body. 

Remember, this was a Daily Vitamin lesson from this year.

Leave us your answer on one of our social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) and we will post the correct answer later. We will also include the correct answer in tomorrow's
Daily Vitamin email.

Good luck!