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28 / 03 / 2007

NO WAY!: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's Daily Vitamin is about a very colloquial oral expression.

Today's expression is: No way!

It is used: to indicate that you will definitely not do something or that something will definitely not happen.

Example 1:
Erik: Are you going to invite Janet to your party?
Russell: No way! She always drinks too much and acts like an idiot.

It is also quite common to use no way within a sentence, to emphasise that you have no intention of doing something or that something will not happen.

Example 2:
There is no way I will lend my car to you. You drive like a madman!

Example 3:
No way is he going to do it.

There are different ways to translate this expression (to Spanish). Here are some possibilities:

Example 1 (Spanish):
Erik: ¿Vas a invitar a Janet a tu fiesta?
Russell: ¡Ni hablar! Siempre bebe demasiado y se porta como un idiota.

Example 2 (Spanish):
No hay ninguna posibilidad de que te preste mi coche. Conduces como un loco.

Example 3 (Spanish):
De ninguna manera lo va a hacer. / Ni loco lo hará.

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Enjoy your day.