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29 / 03 / 2007

KIDDING (Review): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we answer a suggestion recently sent by David Berga by reviewing a Daily Vitamin sent exactly one year ago.

Today's expression is: You're kidding! -- Are you kidding? (informal, spoken English)

It is used when: you do not believe or agree with what someone has said.

Example 1:
Ralph: Betsy and James are getting married.
Tom: You're kidding! I thought they broke up with each other last year.

Example 2:
Mr. Fence: I have decided to sell my computer company and give the money to charity.
Mrs. Fence: You're kidding! I don't believe you for one moment, William. You love that company more than anything else in the world!

Example 3
Alan: Do you want to go with me to the jazz festival this weekend?
Ruth: Are you kidding? I hate jazz music. Why don't you ask Nancy, instead?

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