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27 / 03 / 2007

COMMERCIAL (ADJ): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday we learned that the English NOUN commercial is an audio or video advertisement, usually presented on television, radio or in a movie theatre. I also emphasised that commercial CANNOT be the translation of the Spanish noun comercialUn comercial in Spanish translates to a salesperson in English.

Spanish: Es el comercial que más ventas ha hecho este mes.
English: He's the salesperson who has made the most sales this month.

Today we are going to look at some of the meanings of the ADJECTIVE commercial, which are similar to the meanings of the Spanish adjective comercial.

Meaning 1: Connected with the buying and selling of products or services.

Very soon NASA will begin the first commercial space flights.

Meaning 2: Making or intended to make a profit.

Example 2:
Despite being very interesting, the film was not a commercial success.

Meaning 3
: More concerned with profit and popularity, than with quality (to show disapproval).

Example 3:
That band has lost a lot of its original fans, since their most recent music is very commercial. They are selling more CDs now, but I've stopped listening to their music.

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