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01 / 12 / 2023

HOW FAR IS THE BUS STATION FROM HERE?: meaning and examples

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin! Happy Friday. I hope you are having an excellent day, and I hope you have had a great week. 

Today we look at our last phrase of the week that we can use when we are travelling to ask for different information. Today's phrase is used to ask about the distance to a specific location.  

Today's travel-related question isHOW FAR IS THE BUS STATION FROM HERE?

Meaning: We use this phrase when we want to know how far a specific place is from where we are.

Example 1:
JoAnne: Excuse me. Good morning. How far is the airport from here?
Randy: It's about 20 kilometres. But you can take the metro, a bus or the train, so it's easy to get there. I suggest the train, since you are in the train station.
JoAnne: Thank you very much. Have a good day.
Randy: Same to you. 

Example 2
Mark: Good afternoon. I'm trying to find the Wax Museum. How far is the Wax Museum from here
Tammy: It's very close. You can walk there in about 5 minutes. Continue one block on this street, and then turn left on Pine Street. You'll see the museum about 50 metres down on the right.  
Mark: Thank you!
Tammy: You're welcome. Enjoy the museum. 

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Have a great day and an excellent weekend. I'll see you on Monday with a lesson about words that are often confused in English.

All the best!

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