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Friday the 31st of July, 2015
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Hello everyone.

We had over 30 active participants in the Alphabet Game over these last five weeks; we thank you VERY much for your participation!

Most of the participants usually got the correct answer each day, so in the end we had to give preference to those who posted first. For example, on the first day of the contest 19 people posted correct answers on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. The first to post that day was Cecilia CR, the second was Rosa Fischer and the third was Eliseu Vilaclara. And each day the "winners" were different. 

For a correct 1st post we assigned three points, for a correct 2nd post we assigned two points and for a correct 3rd post we assigned 1 point. By Monday of this week, Cecilia CR had already accumulated 48 points, which was already 21 points more than her closest competitor, Rosalia Rubio. (They finished with 55 points and 39 points, respectively.)

Therefore, despite lots of high-quality competitors, Cecilia CR was the most consistent participant and is, therefore, the winner of the Casio EW-S200 Electronic Dictionary.

Congratulations Cecilia. Well done!

Thanks again to everyone for your participation. Have a great summer and don't forget to practise a little English. ;-) The Daily Vitamin will be back on September 14th with our first Missing Monday lesson of the 2015-16 academic year.

Friday the 31st of July, 2015
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Hello everyone!

Here we are, on the last day of The Alphabet Game. I hope that all of you have had fun.

Later on today, we will announce the winner of the contest in a separate message, and on our Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). We are looking forward to announcing the winner of the Casio EW-S200 Electronic Dictionary!

Our last post focuses on (of course) the letter "Z."

Sentence 1: We visited a beautiful z_____ during our trip to Jordan.

Sentence 2: My son just wrote a report on an incredible z_____ that is in Iran.

Here are a few clues to guide you.

Clue 1: The word has three syllables.

Clue 2: It is the name for massive, pyramid-like structures that were built in Mesopotamia.

Clue 3: It is also the name of a great company that helps you improve your foreign-language skills. ;-)

As always, leave us your guess on social media. You can post your answer on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages!

We would like to thank all of you for participating in this contest. We enjoyed corresponding with you daily and reading all of your answers! We will post the answer (and the contest winner) later today. 

This is our last post of July, and also our last post of the 2014-15 academic year. We will resume our Daily Vitamin posts on September 14th. Until then, have a wonderful summer. And don't forget to stay in contact with English!

Thursday the 30th of July, 2015
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Hello everyone! There are only two more days of our challenge! We will announce our winner tomorrow.

Are you ready for today's missing word? It begins with the letter "Y."

Sentence 1: I was trying not to y_____ during his presentation but I was very tired!

Sentence 2: It's strange that animals also y_____ when they are sleepy. 

Here are a few clues. 

Clue 1: It means "to open your mouth widely when tired."

Clue 2: It is polite to cover your mouth when you do this. 

Clue 3: People joke that this action is "contagious."

Do you know the answer? Give us your guess on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. We will post the answer later. 

We will see you tomorrow for the LAST Alphabet Game post! Until then, have a great day!

Wednesday the 29th of July, 2015
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Hello, everyone! We are nearly finished with our Alphabet Game. You are doing very well; great job! 

Today's letter is "X." Not many words in English begin with this letter. Let's see if you know today's missing word. 

Sentence 1: His x_____ kept him from travelling. 

Here are some clues to help you:

Clue 1: It means "fear or dislike of strangers and foreigners or the fear of anything foreign."

Clue 2: It has FIVE syllables!

Clue 3: It is similar to racism.

Clue 4: Think of the Latin word for "fear" and you can figure out the last part of the word.

If you know the answer, let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. We will post the correct answer later. 

Good luck and thanks for playing! We will see you tomorrow for a word that begins with "Y."

Tuesday the 28th of July, 2015
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Happy Tuesday to you, readers! Today's letter for The Alphabet Game is W and we are looking for a phrasal verb. Let's see if you can complete the sentences. 

Sentence 1: The party is going to w_____ _____ soon. We should leave. 

Sentence 2: How do you like to w_____ _____ after a long day at work? 

Here are some clues. 

Clue 1: As mentioned above, it is a two-word phrasal verb

Clue 2: The verb that begins with W is irregular

Clue 3: It means "to come to a close; to come to an end."

Clue 4: The second word begins with "D."

That's all for today's post. We are excited to see if you can guess correctly! As always, leave your answer on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and we will post the correct answer later.

Good luck, and thanks for participating!

REMEMBER: To be eligible to win the Casio EW-S200 Electronic Dictionary, you should:
1) be a follower of at least one of our social media sites. 
2) share the initial contest post (June 25th) on at least one of our social media sites.
3) post the correct answer on one of our social media sites each day. At the end of the 26 lessons, the person with the most correct answers posted will be the winner.