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Friday the 29th of June, 2012
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Good morning again.

Hoy acabamos nuestra serie de la Essential Weekly Vitamin sobre la palabra SORT.

Today's expression is: a sort of something (informal)
(La expresión de hoy es: una especie de...)

: used to describe something in an inexact way.
(Se utiliza para describir algo de una manera ambigua.)

Example 1:
I had a sort of feeling that they wouldn't be able to come.
(Tenía una especie de sensación de que no iban a poder venir.)

Example 2
Look...there she is. She's the person holding the sort of greenish-blue bag.
(Mira...está allí. Es la persona que tiene una especie de bolso verde azulado.)

Si tienes alguna pregunta sobre el contenido de la Essential Weekly Vitamin de hoy, por favor escribe un comentario en la sección de la Daily Vitamin en nuestra web, clicando en el botón "Add a Comment".

I hope you have a nice day and a great weekend!

Thursday the 28th of June, 2012
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Good morning,

Today's expression is: A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

It means: A pleasant or refreshing change. For example, a new way of doing things, new circumstances or a new person in your life when these changes are positive.

Example 1:
We have a new boss. She's asking us our opinions and she really knows how to listen well. It's such a breath of fresh air to have that open communication in the office.

Example 2:
We got rid of the television set. I can't believe how much free time I have now. I'm reading a lot more, talking to my wife; it's like a breath of fresh air in our home.

Tomorrow we present the Essential Weekly Vitamin for Spanish-speaking students of English.

Have an excellent day.

Wednesday the 27th of June, 2012
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Good morning,

Today we are going to look at the difference between two words that are often confused because of their spelling, their pronunciation or their meaning.

Today's words are: BREATH vs. TO BREATHE

Meaning of BREATH: The air that circulates in and out of your mouth to bring oxygen to your body and to expel carbon dioxide.

Meaning of TO BREATHE: The action of taking in and expelling air through your mouth.

Example 1:
Most people take short breaths throughout their day. When was the last time that you took a deep breath? Try it! It will send some oxygen to your brain.

Example 2:
Do you feel nervous? Then the best thing to do is to breathe deeply. Breathe in for 4 counts and then breathe out for 6 counts. Breathe like this for a couple of minutes and you will soon feel calmer.

Wow! I really do feel much calmer now. What about you?

Have a relaxing day.

Tuesday the 26th of June, 2012
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Good morning,

Summer is now officially here and with it comes hot weather. I don't mind the heat, but I don't like the high humidity very much. Today we're going to talk about two words to describe high humidity when referring to the weather.

Today's words are: DAMP vs. HUMID

Meaning of DAMP: To refer to a high level of humidity when the weather is cool.
Meaning of HUMID: To refer to a high level of humidity when the weather is hot.

Example 1:
The climate in Vancouver is cool and damp during the winter, but it doesn't snow much. It's more likely to rain.

Example 2:
My husband hates the hot, humid summers in Barcelona, so we try to go to the mountains in August, where it is cooler and dryer.

By the way, another word for 'humid' is MUGGY and it refers to unpleasantly hot humid weather.

Example 3:
This muggy weather is making my hair go all frizzy. It's horrible!

Have a good day and stay cool!

Monday the 25th of June, 2012
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Good morning!

I hope you had a fun weekend. It was San Juan's Day in Spain, so perhaps you saw some fireworks or set off some firecrackers to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Today we will answer the following question that we received from Juan Carlos.

I would like to have your opinion about a Spanish sentence that I don't know if it has a direct translation to English or if it has meaning or not in English because it is used or not. The expression is "Te debo una". Can I translate it as "I owe you one". As you probably know, we use this expression when someone does you a favor or helps you.

Juan Carlos is correct and it is a good expression to know.

Today's expression is: I owe you one

It means: to indicate to another person who has previously done you a favour that you now owe them a favour. You are in this person's debt (deuda) and you can use this expression to say so.

Example 1:
Greg: Thank you so much for picking my daughter up at the airport, Mark. I owe you one!
Mark: No problem. I was happy to do it.

Example 2:
Judith: I really appreciate you helping me to complete my tax return. I really owe you one; so if there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.
Sandy: Don't worry, Judith. I actually enjoy working with numbers. However, if you want to take me out to lunch, I won't say no!

Thanks for the suggestion, Juan Carlos.

Have a fantastic day everyone!