Monday the 18th of February, 2019
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Monday the 19th of November, 2018
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Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin, everyone! I hope that you had a nice weekend. 

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate this tradition. This is a time when people reflect on what they have and what they are thankful for. To celebrate, this week we are looking at idioms and expressions for being thankful. We begin with COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS

Definition: To be thankful for what you have. 

Example 1: I count my blessings every day. 

Example 2: I know that you're sad that you didn't get the promotion. But count your blessings: you love your current job, you have a great family and friends, and you have time to travel. You are so lucky!

That's all for today. Join us tomorrow for another expression for being thankful. Have a great day!