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Friday the 05th of October, 2018
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Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin. This week, we are looking at Phrasal Verbs for Business, and today is our final day. Our last phrasal verb for the week is TO IRON (something) OUT

Definition: To fix/remove small problems. 

Example 1: We need to iron out the details for this proposal. 

Example 2: They want to offer me a new position in the company, but they said they have to iron out the position's responsibilities before it's officially offered to me. 

Example 3: Did you iron out those problems with the reservations?

This phrasal verb is transitive and optionally separable

We hope you enjoyed this week of phrasal verbs. As you can see, they are useful in the office setting, but they are also great for everyday speech. 

Next week, we are focusing on BULATS Reading practice. We hope you join us for some great lessons. 

Have a great weekend!