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Wednesday the 26th of September, 2018
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Welcome back everyone and happy Wednesday! This week, we are looking at British vs American English Vocabulary.

Today we are focusing on the colloquial word PISSED

American definition: Angry. 

Example 1: When we got in a car accident, my dad was so pissed

Example 2: I can't believe you didn't call me on my birthday. I'm pissed.

We also use this as a phrasal verb, TO PISS (someone) OFF

Example 3: That really pissed me off

British definition: Drunk.

Example 4: We got so pissed last night at the party.

Example 5: You seem pretty pissed. Should we go home?

Example 6: He had two beers and he was already pissed

We looked at this in a Daily Vitamin post from 2015. You can read that post here:

Tomorrow we will look at the words LORRY and TRUCK.

That's it for today. Thank you for reading!