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Monday the 26th of June, 2017
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Hello and welcome back to the Alphabet Game! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Are you ready for today's challenge? The answer begins with the letter "V." Here is your sentence. 

Sentence: I feel like I'm travelling _____ through you when I look at your vacation photos on Instagram. 

Hint 1: It means "to experience something through another person."

Hint 2: It is an adverb. 

Hint 3: We often use the expression "to live _____ through something/someone."

Hint 4: It has FIVE syllables! 

Hint 5: It was a Daily Vitamin post in the last two months of 2016. 

Give us your guess on one of our social media sites and, as always, we will post the correct answer later. 



Good luck! Have a great day and thank you for playing!


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