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Thursday the 22th of June, 2017
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Good morning everyone, and a special hello to those who are playing the Alphabet Game!

The answer to today's challenge begins with the letter "T." Are you ready to play? You must come up with the two words that complete the sentences below. 

Sentence 1: Can you please _____ the music _____? It's really loud. 

Sentence 2: The hotel staff _____ the sheets _____ for us before bed. 

Hint 1: It is a phrasal verb. 

Hint 2: It was a Daily Vitamin post last February 2017. 

Hint 3: One definition is "to reduce the volume."

Hint 4: Another definition is "to fold the bed clothes so that the bed is ready for sleep."

Give us your guess on one of our social media pages and we will post the correct answer later. 



As always, good luck and thank you for playing!


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