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Tuesday the 13th of June, 2017
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Hello Readers! How are you today? Are you ready for another challenge? Today's Alphabet-Game answer begins with the letter M.

Can you complete the sentence below with a phrasal verb that begins with the letter M?

Sentence: The project was difficult, but I kept _____ _____ until it was finished. 

Hint 1: It means "to keep moving; to move forward."

Hint 2: It is a phrasal verb (again! We have had many phrasal verbs in this year's Alphabet Game contest). 

Hint 3: It was a Daily Vitamin post in March of 2017. 

Hint 4: It appears in the title of a song by the band One Republic. 

Give us your guess on one of our social media sites and we will post the correct answer later. 



Good luck and thank you for playing!


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