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Friday the 09th of June, 2017
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Hello to our Alphabet Game participants! I hope you're having a nice week, and that you are enjoying the contest. Are you ready to play?

Today's answer begins with the letter K. Can you complete the sentences below with a phrase that begins with this letter?

Sentence 1: I was tired until the caffeine from my coffee _____ _____. 

Here is another sentence that uses the same phrase. 

Sentence 2: He was in pain after surgery... but then the painkillers _____ _____ and he felt better. 

Here are some hints to help you. 

Hint 1: It is a phrasal verb. 

Hint 2: One definition is "when something starts to have an effect; when the effect is felt."

Hint 3: It was a Daily Vitamin post in the winter of 2017.

Give us your guess on social media and we will post the correct answer later. 



Good luck and thank you for playing!


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