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Thursday the 01st of June, 2017
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Good morning, readers!

Welcome to the first Daily Vitamin of June and to the 6th day of the Alphabet Game. The objective of this game is to learn vocabulary by reviewing the DVs from this year, but we are also offering prizes to add more motivation. We hope you will participate.

It's not too late to begin. You can go back and post on past lessons and get a point for each post and then try to win extra points with today's post by being one of the first 10 to provide the correct answer on our Facebook or Twitter pages. You can read more about the rules here:

Today's answer begins with the letter F. Here are your sentences. Can you complete them?

Sentence 1: The car's engine _____ _____ while we were driving. I think it's going to cost a lot of money to repair it. 

Sentence 2: When the teacher asked me a question, I _____ _____ and couldn't answer. 

Here are your hints:

Hint 1: It is a phrasal verb. 

Hint 2: It has many definitions. 

Hint 3: One definition is "to stop working because parts of a machine do not work."

Hint 4: Another definition is "to be unable to think or speak, usually because you are nervous."

Give us your answers on one of our social media sites. 



Good luck!


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