08 / 06 / 2023

Welcome back to the Daily Vitamin. I hope you're having a great week!

Today is the fifth day of the Alphabet Game, and we looking at the letter E.

Below is today's sentence. Do you know what the missing words are? It's the same word for each blank, and it's starts with the letter E?

Sentence: The e_____ of The Daily Telegraph is more conservative than the e_____ of The Guardian.

HINT: This word appeared in a lesson in March of 2023. 

Give us your answer on one of our social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) and we will provide the correct answer later. We will also include the answer in the next Daily Vitamin email. 

Thank you for playing the Alphabet Game and I wish you the best of luck! Remember that the sooner you post, the more points you will get.

All the best!

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