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07 / 07 / 2006

TO HANG OUT (1): meaning and examples

Good morning,

Today's expression is: To hang out

It means: to spend time in a relaxing way, with no particular purpose. It is mainly used informally, in oral English.

Example 1:
Robert: Are you doing anything special this weekend?
Janet: Not really... just hanging out with my boyfriend at his place.

Example 2:
The residents of the square are annoyed by the large groups of people who hang out there every night.

Example 3:
Els Quatre Gats is known as a place where Picasso and other creative people hung out.

The noun Hangout is a place where people meet to spend time together.

Example 4:
The Cotton Club is a jazz hangout named after the famous Harlem club.

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Have a nice day, and an excellent weekend!

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