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06 / 07 / 2006

TO HANG AROUND: meaning and examples

Good morning,

This week we have been looking at phrasal-verb expressions with the verb to hang. These expressions tend to be used most in spoken English.  

Today's expression is: To hang around

It means: to spend time in a place waiting for someone or something, or doing nothing (passing the time of day).

Example 1:
Allen: What's that policeman doing hanging around reception?
Lisa: Don't worry – he's waiting for his girlfriend. She works on the fifth floor.

Example 2:
Irene: Bill's very worried about his daughter, Lizzie, and some of her new friends.
Frank: I'm not surprised! They hang around the shopping centre all day talking to those boys with motor bikes.

Example 3:
Please tell Mr Smith I had to leave. I'm afraid I can't hang around any longer because I've got another appointment.

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I hope you are having a good week.