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02 / 12 / 2009

SEASON-3: meaning and examples

Good morning.

So far we have seen that season can mean:
1) any of the four main periods of the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn/fall).
2) a period of time during a year when a particular activity happens or is done.

We also saw that the holiday season is used to refer to the period from October to December/January when there are lots of holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.). Today we look at an expression with season.

Today's expression is: to be in season

Meaning: when fruit or vegetables are easily available and ready to eat because it is the right time of the year for them.

Example 1:
Oranges are in season now. It's my favourite time to eat them.

The opposite of in season, is out of season (when fruit and vegetables are not easily available because it's not the right time of the year for them).

Example 2:
The out of season fruits and vegetables that are sold at the supermarkets are horrible. I always try to buy products in season.

We can also us this expression to refer to the period of time when animals are ready to mate (aparear).

Example 3:
The seals (focas) are in season in December.

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