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15 / 05 / 2007

SAYING NO (3): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we will finish our look at 'no' expressions in English. So far we have seen:

-I'm afraid not
(more polite)
-Not really (when something isn't important to us)
-I don't think so (when you are not completely sure)
-Not as far as I know (when you are not completely sure)
-Of course not (when question is obvious or stupid)

Today's first NO-expression is: No way (informal)

No way is an informal, very definite way of saying no

Example 1:
David: Papa. Can I stay up and watch the Barça game?
Olga: No way! It is way past your bedtime. Come to bed.

A more formal way of expressing no way is definitely not or certainly not

Example 2:
Inma: Honey, can I go to the cinema this evening with Eulàlia?
Joan: Certainly not. José and Pascual are coming over for dinner.

Today's second NO-expression is: Are you kidding?

This is an informal expression that shows that you think somebody's suggestion is crazy.

Example 3:
Alberto: Are you coming with us to the mountains this weekend?
Pablo: Are you kidding? With this weather? No way! I'm staying home this weekend.

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Have a good day.