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16 / 05 / 2007

GO BACK (TO) vs. COME BACK (FROM): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Some time ago we received the following question from Maria Rosa Jordán:

Hello and good morning!!! I have a question; what is the difference between these two verbs: go back and come back? The meaning of both is "volver" but then what is the difference, if it exists? Thanks.

Over the next couple of days, we will study some of the differences between these phrasal verbs.

Meaning 1 of Go Back (to): to return to a place.

Example 1:
She doesn't want to go back to her husband. She never wants to live with him again.

Example 2:
He doesn't know if he wants to go back to his country in the future. For the moment, he's happy here.

Meaning 1 of Come Back (from): to return.

Example 3:  
Father: You came back from the party very late last night! Where were you?
Daughter: was only one o'clock. I was with friends. Don't worry.

Example 4:
My wife doesn't want to come back to me. I think I've lost her forever. What am I going to do?

Compare examples 1 and 4. They both mean return, but in example 1 the direction of the returning is away from the speaker and in example 4 the direction of the returning is towards the speaker.

Go back: Speaker -->
Come back: Speaker <--

This is only one of the few differences between come back and go back.

Tomorrow we will look at some more uses of these verbs.

Thanks for your question...have a great day!

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