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21 / 11 / 2007

PARTS OF A CAR-3: meaning and examples

Hello. So far we have seen the following parts of a car this week: 

Bonnet (Hood in American English) --> capó
Boot (Trunk in American English) --> maletero
Glove compartment --> guantera
Clutch --> embrague
Gear lever or Gear shift --> palanca de cambios
Accelerator (Gas pedal in American English) --> acelerador

Today's first car word is: Indicator (Turn signal in American English)

Meaning: a light on a vehicle that flashes to show that the vehicle is going to turn left or right.
(Spanish --> intermitente)

Example 1:
You should always turn on your indicator about 100 metres before you're going to make your turn.  

Today's second car word is: Rear-view mirror

Meaning: a mirror in which a driver can see the traffic behind.
(Spanish --> retrovisor)

Example 2
There were so many bags and boxes in the back seat of the car, that I couldn't see the traffic behind me in the rear-view mirror.

Today's third car word is: Full beam or main beam (Brights or High Beams in American English)

Meaning: the beam of a car's headlights (faros) that provides distant illumination. 
(Spanish --> largas)

Example 3:
As we entered the mountain roads I put the lights on main beam; even so, it was difficult to see.  

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