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20 / 11 / 2007

PARTS OF A CAR-2: meaning and examples

Good morning. This week we are looking at parts of a car. We are concentrating on parts that most of us talk about daily, not parts that mechanics would be interested in.

Today's first car word is: Clutch

Meaning: The pedal in a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot so that you can change gears (marchas).
(Spanish --> embrague)

Example 1:
Many people in the US drive cars with automatic transmissions, since they don't know how to use a clutch.

Today's second car word isGear lever or Gear stick (gear shift in American English)

Meaning: The handle used to change the gears of a vehicle.
(Spanish --> palanca de cambios)

Example 2:
Janet...before you move the gear lever, remember to press in the clutch! You're going to destroy the transmission.

Today's third car word is: Accelerator (Gas pedal in American English)

Meaning: The pedal in a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot to increase the speed of the engine. 
(Spanish --> acelerador)

Example 3:
Look...the police are following us...step on the accelerator! We have to get away! 

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I hope you have a good day.