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22 / 11 / 2007

PARTS OF A CAR-4: meaning and examples


Today we continue with our look at different parts of a car.

Today's first car word is: Steering wheel

Meaning: The wheel that the driver turns to control the direction that a vehicle travels.
(Spanish --> volante)

Example 1
To be safe, you should keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

Today's second car word is: Windscreen (Windshield in American English)

Meaning: The window across the front of a motor vehicle.
(Spanish --> parabrisas)

Example 2:
As we were travelling down the motorway, a rock from a lorry hit our windscreen and cracked it.

Today's third car word is: Windscreen wipers (Windshield wipers in American English)

Meaning: A blade with a rubber edge that moves across a windscreen to make it clear of rain, snow, etc. 
(Spanish --> limpiaparabrisas)

Example 3:
As the rain began to fall harder, we were forced to turn on our windscreen wipers.

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