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10 / 11 / 2004

PARTNER: meaning and examples

Good morning, Today's word is: Partner It means: the people who own a company and share profits and losses. This relationship is called a partnership. Example 1: Creating a business with 2 or 3 partners is usually very difficult. In the beginning things usually go well, but then over the years the problems begin and there is often conflict between the partners. Partner is also used to refer to someone you are having a romantic or sexual relationship with. Sometimes your partner can be your husband or wife (more common in UK English) and sometimes it can be your boyfriend or girlfriend. The word partner doesn't indicate the status of the relationship or the sex of the person. In some places it has become a very common term amongst homosexuals. Example 2: Speaker 1: Did you know that Janet is a lesbian? Speaker 2: Yes, of course. Her partner is Lisa. In my opinion, they make a very nice couple. Example 3: I sometimes refer to my wife as my partner or even as my girlfriend. If you have any questions about partner, please don't hesitate to contact me. If I can't answer you, my (business) partner Rachel will answer you. Have a good day!