09 / 11 / 2004

JUNK: meaning and examples

Good morning.

A word similar to the noun stuff, which we looked at last week, is the word junk.

The noun junk means: old or broken things; things that you don't want or things that you don't like.

Example 1: My son has so much junk in his room that sometimes I can't even see the floor.

Example 2: I don't watch TV very often, since most of the programmes are junk.

You have probably also heard the common expression junk food. Junk Food is food that is not healthy because it has a lot of fat, sugar, salt or chemical additives.

Example 3: In Catalonia and the rest of Spain, it is becoming more common to see fat people, like in the United States, because Spaniards are beginning to eat too much junk food.

We also use it to refer to mail that we don't want (advertisements and other unsolicited mail).

Example 4: Every day I receive 5-10 letters, but most of them are junk mail.

Enjoy the rest of your day!