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20 / 05 / 2005

CHECK (2): meaning and examples

Good morning, Today we will continue with the verb check. Yesterday we looked at the following meanings: MEANING 1: to examine something in order to confirm that it is as it should be; to make certain of something. MEANING 2: to stop yourself or someone else from doing something; to stop something bad from happening. Today we will look at two more meanings. MEANING 3: In US English --> to make a mark to show that something is correct or that you agree with it. In UK English it's more common to use tick. Example 1 Please check the appropriate boxes on the form. MEANING 4: To give your bags and suitcases to an official at the airport so that they can be put on the airplane. We also use check in. Example 2 How many bags do you have to check? Monday we will look at check as a noun. If you have any questions about check as a verb, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day and an excellent weekend!


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