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01 / 04 / 2004

WIN vs. BEAT: meaning and examples

Good morning. Happy April!

Today we again look at two verbs that can sometimes cause confusion: to beat and to win. Both these verbs are used for sports and competition, but with slightly different meanings.

"To beat" means: to defeat someone (a person or a team) in a game or other type of competition (election, battle, etc.). Remember: this verb always carries an object.

Example 1
It had been a long time since Real Madrid beat Barcelona in Camp Nou.

"To win" means: to defeat everyone else in a game or match, but without specifying the person (or team) that lost.

Example 2
Brazil won the last World Cup. They beat Germany in the final.

So, what do you think is the correct option for Example 3?

Example 3
I have never ________ my brother in a game of poker.
A. beat
B. won

The correct answer is A. "I have never beat my brother in a game of poker."

Have a good day!

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