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02 / 04 / 2004

PITCH (FIELD) vs. COURT: meaning and examples

Good morning.

I've decided to finish up the week with another pair of words from the world of sports that can sometimes cause confusion: pitch and court. Both of these nouns are used to refer to the place where competitive sports are played.

"Pitch" means: a field where outdoor competitive sports are played that use a ball, for example football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc.

Example 1
The match between Barcelona and Betis was cancelled because the pitch was flooded with water.

"Court" means: an area marked with lines where sports are played (often indoors), such as basketball, squash, tennis, etc.

Example 2
The best tennis players prefer to play on grass courts rather than clay courts.

What would be the most logical Spanish translation for these two nouns?

Pitch (or field) means "campo" and court means "pista". However, there are some exceptions. "Campo de golf" is a golf course NOT a golf pitch or golf field.

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