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27 / 04 / 2005

WILD CARD: meaning and examples

Good morning, Have you ever heard the expression wild card? Sometimes it's used in Spanish directly from English. Wild card means comodín when you are playing poker (Meaning 1), but it can mean different things in different contexts. Wild Card --> Meaning 2: in computer programming it's a sign or symbol used to represent any letter or number. The most common wild card in computing is the asterisk (*). Wild Card --> Meaning 3: in sport it is when a player or a team is given special permission to take part in a competition that they would not normally be allowed to play in. Example 1: The local tennis stars were allowed to play in the tournament as wild cards since they did not qualify on their own. The organisers think having them in the competition will help to attract the public and increase attendance and ticket sales. Wild Card --> Meaning 4: someone who might behave in an unexpected way. Example 2: Speaker 1: Why don't we ask the boss if we can work at home this week in order to finish the project on time. Speaker 2: Are you crazy? I'm not going to ask him that. He's a wild card; there's no telling how he might react. He'd probably fire us on the spot! If you have any questions about wild card, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a good day!


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