28 / 04 / 2005

TAG: meaning and examples

Good morning. Consider the following example sentences: Example 1: I want to buy this coat, but I can't find the price tag. Can you please tell me how much it costs? Example 2: All of the participants were given name tags at the conference. Example 3: Before I wash this new shirt, I want to find the tag with the cleaning instructions; I don't want to destroy it. Example 4: David! You forgot to cut the tags from your new trousers; they are hanging out of the back pocket and they look very silly. Do you know what a tag is? In these contexts, a tag is a small piece of paper or other material that is fixed to something to give information about it (or fixed to a person to indicate who they are). This word is used quite a lot in English, but I find that many students have never heard of it. I hope our examples will help you to incorporate it into your working English vocabulary. If you have any questions about tag, please contact me. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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