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25 / 05 / 2006

WEDDINGS (4): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's Daily Vitamin is about things that people do at weddings

To make a speech means to stand up and talk about someone (in the case of a wedding, usually the bride and groom).

Example 1:
The bride's father made an excellent speech, and everyone laughed at his stories about Fiona's previous boyfriends.

To toast (brindar) means to drink together and say someone's name in order to show your admiration or good wishes.

Raise your glasses is an invitation to toast.

Example 2:   
Best man: Ladies and Gentlemen. I'd like you to join me in toasting this lovely couple. Please raise your glasses to Fiona and Mark.
Wedding Guests: Here's to Fiona and Mark!

When the newly-married couple leaves the reception and drives off on their honeymoon (luna de miel), the best man and bridesmaids usually decorate the car with noisy tin cans (latas) and toilet rolls (papel higiénico)!

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