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26 / 05 / 2006

RELATIONSHIPS: meaning and examples

Good morning,

This week's Daily Vitamins have been concerned with the language and culture of traditional weddings, so I thought we'd finish the week with a related topic: relationships.

Partner: is the person you have a serious and committed relationship with. It can be used whether you share a home or not. Remember, we do NOT use couple to mean pareja.

Live-in partner: means your partner with whom you share a home.

Boyfriend: is the boy or man you are going out with, but can somtimes sound too juvenile for adults.

Girlfriend: is the girl or woman you are going out with.

Example 1:
Mary: Is that man over there your boyfriend?
Anne: Well, he's more than that. He's been my live-in partner for eight years.

(Pronunciation note: live sounds like give, not drive.)

Example 2:
Speaker 1: Does Adam go out with lots of girls?
Speaker 2: No, he's had the same girlfriend for two years now.

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Whether you're single (soltero/a) or attached (encariñado con alguien) here's wishing you a great weekend!

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