20 / 04 / 2009

WAY-2: meaning and examples

Good morning.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Today we continue our look at some expressions with the English word way.

Today's 1st expression isall the way 

Meaning 1: during a whole period of time

Example 1:
My wife was angry with me, so she didn't say a word to me all the way back home on the train.

Meaning 2: completely; as much as it takes to achieve what you want.

Example 2:
After the US elections, there was a feeling that the world was behind Obama all the way. 

Today's 2nd expression is: across the way

Meaning: on the other side of the street.

Example 3:
The neighbours were having an argument and yelling very loudly. I could hear everything they said from across the way.

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