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25 / 05 / 2007
UK vs US

UK vs. US: WINDSCREEN vs. WINDSHEILD: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we look at two more words that are different in standard US and UK English.

Today's word is: Windscreen

Meaning: the window across the front of a motor vehicle.

In standard US English speakers usually use the word windshield.

Example 1:
Tony: George. It's raining quite hard. Don't you think we ought to turn on the windscreen wipers (limpiaparabrisas).
George: The what wipers?
Tony: The windscreen know those blades with a rubber edge that clean the windscreen
George: The wind what?  
Tony: I believe in America you say...windshield. Is that correct?
George: Oh yeah! I'm sorry again Tony. I keep forgetin' that we ain't in Texas.

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