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24 / 05 / 2007
UK vs US

UK vs. US: LAY-BY vs. REST AREA: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we again look at two more words that are different in standard US and UK English.

Today's word is: Lay-by

Meaning: an area at the side of a road where vehicles may stop for a short time.

In standard US English speakers use the expressions rest area or rest stop.

Example 1:
Tony: George. Perhaps we should stop at the next lay-by. I need to pee. Can you ask the driver to stop?
George: A what by?
Tony: A know a place at the side of the road where one can stop and rest.
George: Ahh...I'm sorry Tony. I have trouble understanding you somtimes because you talk so funny. You mean a rest area. problem. I'll ask the driver to stop.  
Tony: George...we are in England...perhaps you should try to learn some of our words for a change.
George: Okay. When we get to the res-...I mean the lay-by, you can give me a class.

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Enjoy your day.