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18 / 04 / 2007

TUESDAY vs. THURSDAY: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday was Tuesday and tomorrow is Thursday. One of the most common errors that I hear amongst English students is the mispronunciation of or the confusion between the second day of the week, Tuesday, and the fourth day of the week, Thursday.  

The mispronunciation of these two days of the week can easily cause miscommunication. Imagine you want to go to the cinema on Tuesday, but you accidentally agree to meet on Thursday, due to poor pronunciation. This sort of thing has happened to me with students.

Today I want to share some memory tricks that have worked with many of my students to help them learn to pronounce these days correctly. I hope you find them useful.

The Second day of the week (TWO)
Remember that TUESday is the SECOND day of the week (one...TWO). The word is pronounced TWOsday. It's day TWO of the week, and the first syllable is pronounced the same as number two.

The FourTH day of the week (TH)
THursday, is the fourTH day of the week. The word fourTH ends with the same sound that THursday begins with. Thursday is also the day when people often go out to have a "Cerveza" with their friends. THursday --> Cerveza --> FourTH.

(NOTE: In most dialects of Spanish in Spain, the first sound of the word Cerveza is the same as the first sound of Thursday.)

The main difference between these two words is the sound of the first consonant. If you pronounce these sounds correctly, you will communicate clearly and avoid confusion.

Have a good day, and I'll see you on Thursday. ;-)