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15 / 11 / 2006

TRAP vs. TRAMP: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we will look at two English nouns that often cause confusion. How would you translate the following Spanish sentence into English?

i) Mike cayó en la trampa.

Hopefully it will be obvious after the following explanation.

Today's first word is: Trap

It means: a piece of equipment used for catching animals or a trick that is designed to catch someone or make them do something they did not mean to do.

Example 1:
The men were lured into the trap by enemy soldiers.

Example 2:
We set traps in the house for the mice.

Today's second word isTramp

It means: someone without a home or a job who moves from one place to another and asks people for food or money. In some dialects it can be used to refer (offensively) to a woman who likes to attract men and have sexual relations with them.

Example 3:
I can't believe that Janet slept with Andy when she knows he is dating Shelly. What a tramp!

Example 4:
I was very sad to see that someone had attacked that poor tramp that is always begging for money on the corner. He never hurt anyone; he was only trying to survive.

So the correct translation of sentence (i) would be "Mike fell into the trap."

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