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16 / 11 / 2006

TO STAND UP FOR SOMEBODY: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's expression is: To stand up for somebody or something

It means: to defend them or it. 

Example 1:
Ben: How is Erik getting on at school?
Alice: Actually, we're a bit worried about the way some of the older children behave. They can be very tough in the playground.
Ben: I know what you mean, but all children need to learn to stand up for themselves. I'm sure Erik will be OK.

Example 2:
Andy: Do you agree with management? Do you think that the factory needs to close?
Paul: Well, I see their point of view, but my job as a union representative is to stand up for the interests of the workers.

Example 3:
Philip: Why were you getting so angry at dinner?
Alice: Because your boss was being so horrible and controversial about immigrants. Why didn't you say something?
Philip: I'm sorry – I thought you stood up very well for your own ideas? You made a strong case for your argument!

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I'll see you tomorrow.

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